Big data journey to unlock the untapped potential

Most enterprises agree that they can gain insights from the data that they have collected to drive business decisions. Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Manufacturing and Technology enterprises are among those that are generating  enormous amounts of data (both structured and unstructured). In addition to their own data sets, public data sets are now made available by the government. A combination of these data sets present tremendous opportunities for enterprises to seize. Yet, many of these organizations are playing catch up to unlock the value hidden in their data sets.    

Identifying business issues that you want to address is the best place to start. Enterprises may have a list of things that they could improve to make an impact on their business. A business case with success criteria is helpful too.  

Now comes the technology part. The best approach to get started is with a proof of concept. Thanks to the cloud based platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM insights and many others, you can set up a big data environment to start analyzing your data quickly and with minimal resources.  Google for instance provides you a wealth of information on its website to help you get started with the development of big data project.

Leveraging the platform capabilities to learn what happened with the data collected, what is happening now with the live data that is being collected and predicting what will happen will help enterprises unlock the untapped potential of their data.  

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