Big data journey to unlock the untapped potential

Most enterprises agree that they can gain insights from the data that they have collected to drive business decisions. Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Manufacturing and Technology enterprises are among those that are generating  enormous amounts of data (both structured and unstructured). In addition to their own data sets, public data sets are now made available by the government. A combination of these data sets present tremendous opportunities for enterprises to seize. Yet, many of these organizations are playing catch up to unlock the value hidden in their data sets.    

Things to consider when selecting a collaboration platform

Most enterprises acknowledge that their employees and the fresh ideas they generate are critical to help  them stay competitive. Collaboration plays an important part in curating ideas.  In this digital era, collaboration solutions are essential to support teamwork between people who are geographically dispersed.

So, where do we start?.  There are so many cloud based collaboration solutions in the market and it can easily get overwhelming for enterprises to decide on which platform to consider to standardize or adopt.