Learning as a Service

When facing the challenge of increasing speed of technology in the digital workplace many organizations find themselves facing “Change Fatigue”. We have found that proper executed Change Management enables your organization to set the optimal pace of change and maximize adoption of all solutions.

Change Management uses a structured approach to move your organization and your people through the 3 stages of change: current, transition and future. These three stages are part of the planned process to ensure that your new solution will be a success because your people will see the benefit and utilize it. Change management offers the benefit of having increased user adoption, reduces risks related to acceptance of new solutions and lowers the costs related to unplanned disruptions to business operations.

Vikheda’s Change Management starts by cultivating Sponsorship from all levels within your organization and promotes internal marketing of the new solution with multi-channel communications.Readiness will be assessed by the Vikheda team to ensure your organization’s people are poised to learn. Our world class training provides education on all Vikheda’s solutions.

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