Sharing Tools

Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite platforms offer business users comprehensive capabilities to collaborate in real time from anywhere on any device. These feature rich platforms offer messaging, storage, productivity, admin, collaboration, workflow, analytics and other capabilities to users. Box and DropBox offerings are more focused on providing users with robust file sharing capabilities with integration to Office 365 and GSuite. There are several other new and established cloud collaboration and content providers who offer niche collaboration capabilities.

More and more enterprises are now adopting these cloud based platforms to increase productivity. However without proper diligence on governance, compliance and risk management, they risk drawing unplanned activities that could compromise data security.  Depending on the industry that entreprises fall under, collaboration platforms need protect and be compliant with personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard, protected health information (PHI) identification and intellectual property (IP).

In this digital era, collaboration solutions are essential to support teamwork between people who are geographically dispersed.  So, where do we start?. There are so many cloud based collaboration solutions in the market and it can easily get overwhelming for enterprises to decide on which platform to consider to standardize or adopt. With a well thought through strategy, enterprises can select the right collaboration platforms to achieve the benefits that these cloud based solutions offer.  Contact us to learn more about the things to think about while selecting a collaboration platform. We stand ready to offer our assistance!.

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