Digital Transformation

Each year, new digital technologies such as cognitive computing, IoT, advancements in collaboration technology, blockchain, voice technology, artificial intelligence etc emerge, creating new markets and industry demand.

Enterprises, governments and institutions are forced to evaluate the threat of these technologies to see if these create new opportunities or threats for them.

Commercial enterprises are presented with an opportunity to evaluate their business models to see if they can leverage  these digital technologies for their business advantages. Governments are also presented with an opportunity to evaluate these emerging technologies to enhance customer engagement, create smarter and more secure applications to support citizen centric initiatives.

While these technologies are key drivers of change, other factors such as shifts in consumer behavior and ecosystem also fuel the need for strategy and digital transformation.

With a diverse industry background and skill sets, Vikheda team members bring a rich set of expertise to help you in your strategy and digital transformation journey. We have expertise in

  • Developing strategies and performing assessments
  • Developing business use cases
  • Scenario selection and prioritization of use case for leveraging emerging technologies
  • Proof of concepts
  • Change Enablement, Training and End User Adoption
  • Workshops for Digital Workplace

Talk to us and we can share how we can support you in your digital transformation initiatives.

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